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Quartz conglomerates

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Quartz conglomerates are stones which, on account of their numerous advantages, are still more willingly used as material for kitchen worktops or bathroom tops. Quartz conglomerate offered by HODER Company constitutes ideal connection of natural materials and innovative technologies what enabled to create many exceptional products.

Wealth of advantages and unique appearance cause that during decor of kitchen or bathroom we still more often decide to use tops of conglomerate. Crucial advantage of quartz is its durability, for which it can be an interesting alternative to granite - tops of conglomerate are characterized by high resistance to different mechanical damages or to colourings. Not terrible for them are high temperatures as well as scratches and acting of acids, oils and other liquids, so they constitute an ideal material for kitchen and bathroom tops.

Conglomerate is a material arising from connection of quartz and supplementary substances, which enables creating a stone of unique appearance. Tops of conglomerate are characterized by unprecedented in other stones natural depth of colours, intensive gloss and exceptionally wide range of colours.

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