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Granite is a natural rock resistant to:

  • abrasion and scratching,
  • discolouration,
  • attack of chemical compounds used in kitchen and in bathroom.

Granite is a rock of natural origin which is famous for an extraordinary durability. This feature causes that granite is willingly used for building windowsills, kitchen work surfaces, floors and even casings of traditional fireplaces. Granit is rising deeply below Earth surface, as a result of crystallizing slowly cooling down volcanic magma. It is the most hard and most resistant rock, composed of large, heterogeneous crystals, of unprecedented colours and structures; it is exceptionally original and unique...

Granite has slightly porous surface texture, therefore all granite tops, windowsills and stairs are impregnated before their installation. Impregnant penetrates stone surface clogging up pores and protecting material against attack of alcohol, juices, drinks, cosmetics, oil.

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