Kitchen worktops

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Kitchen is a central room in the house for many of us. It can obtain unique character by using natural stones in it.

Stone Kitchen worktops are natural, ecological product, they don’t contain any chemical compounds, in contrast with e.g. plastics. Kitchen worktops made of natural stone are durable products, resistant to high temperatures as well as abrasion, scratching and staining. Smooth surface causes that it is possible unusually easily to keep them in cleanness, and diversity of colours and structures of stone makes each top unique

HODER Centre of Natural Stone Dressing is specialized in stone worktops production from 1980; our over 30 year experience and specialist equipment enables us to undertake the realization of even most difficult orders. 

Some examples are manufacturing of kitchen worktops with suspended sink units or with sink units flush mounted in worktop, with milled drainage grooves, with exclusive finish of kitchen worktop edges or thickening of worktop with so called backings. We can also execute invisible heating of worktop. We can realize every project for even most demanding customers. 
Natural stone causes that every kitchen is gaining noble and unique character. Each of us likes to surround himself with natural materials, such as stone or wood, which seems to result not only from their beauty, but also from sensing that houses decorated with natural elements are healthier.

Kitchen worktops are a solution, which can provide your kitchen elegance and durability for many years!

Kitchen worktops– Suspended kitchen sinks 
We can also install kitchen sinks suspended from bottom side of worktop. Sink forms than a uniform whole with worktop. It is both very functional and elegant connection without any protruding corners or edges. Such connection is smooth and waterproof.

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Kitchen worktops – Edging


Kitchen worktops – Backings

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